Aafke’s Blog

I am Aafke Eshuis

Sometimes I wonder why I’m traveling all over the country to race with the same 150 girls in the same bunch every week. Whether the course is different, as far as Marianne Vos is starting, the question who will win is not a hard one to make…

I started competitive cycling in 2009. Lack of progress in speed skating performance made me make the decision to switch to cycling and it turned out to be a good one. I like the team atmosphere, which was of less attendance in speed skating. I also like the change to a sport which is less depended on time performance. In speed skating it all was about tenths of seconds. A lot of training, but lack of progression was not a good combination to go further with.

The first year in the women’s peloton I learned a lot. Maybe you think women are sweet, one day in the peloton and you will change your mind. Shouting, yelling, scolding, it all happens and this is, as strange as it maybe sounds, normal to me now. In my first two racing years on the bike I made a lot of progression. During the winter I did some track training and in the winter of 2010 I decided to start at the track Nationals. Track and road has been a good combination.

About my performance up till now, I have some results which are good and maybe mentionable. However, I think the best results still have to come! And that the reason why I travel every week to race with the same bunch of girls, I’m dedicated to improve myself. I want to get the best out of myself – that’s what cycling is about if you ask me.  Apart from that it’s guarantee for lots of fun.

Next to cycling I think it’s also important to develop socially. I graduated the study Human Movement Sciences. Unfortunately I could not find a job in a sport related field, which I was looking for. So I decided to start with the study physiotherapy last September. I like the practical nature of this study and I hope to combine both studies in the future.