Laura Trott

Rider Laura Trott
Nationality Great Britain
Town Cheshunt
Ambitions for 2012 Olympic Gold on the track
Specialisation Sprinter/track
Best moment to date in cycling Breaking the world record at London world cup.
Worst moment to date in cycling Riding Het Volk road race for first time, crashing 10km in and chasing back on, then blowing after getting back in the bunch, then finishing outside the time limit!
Interesting fact about you outside of cycling; Can cook a mean apple crumble!
Saying/motto/credo ‘man up, what’s the worst that’s going to happen’.
Who is your idol/hero/inspiration? (individual/team etc) Kelly Holmes, she fought against the odds and won 2 Olympic gold medals
If you found 5 euros on the floor and it was the last money you were ever to have… what would you buy/do with it? I would by all the chocolate I could with it!!