Julie Leth


Rider Julie Leth
Nationality Danish
Town Marslet, Arhus
Ambitions for 2012 Improve my skills in the bunch and develop as a rider. Furthermore, I will do my best to defend my national road championship in June.
Specialisation I haven’t really specialized in anything yet and therefore I see myself more as an all round rider. I really like the track, and this gives me great speed to the sprints at the road races.
Best moment to date in cycling Was the day when I won the junior world championship in points race. I had been working really hard and focussed towards this event. I felt so great to achieve the goal I made half a year before and proving the people  who believed in me right.
Worst moment to date in cycling The race in Drethe 8 in 2011 where I got a knee injury.
Interesting fact about you outside of cycling; Well, I really like John Mayer and he often gives me company on my long drives to Holland. If I watch an episode of Friends I can not keep myself from laughing out loud, is seems like the foreign people I have been on the same plane with finds this weird. Furthermore, I once won a plant in a cycling race, However, it died after a couple of days.
Saying/motto/credo ‘if you put your mind to it, you can accomplish anything’
Who is your idol/hero/inspiration? (individual/team etc) Family and friends. They encourage and inspire me, on and off the bike. They support me in both ups and downs.
If you found 5 euros on the floor and it was the last money you were ever to have… what would you buy/do with it? I would probably save the money until I really needed it but very likely use is spontaneously a couple of days later. Afterwards, I would start singing in the street  to try to provide food but with my musical talent, I am not quite sure how well that would work out.